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Funderburk Teaches, Lectures and Exhibits in Italy, California in 2016

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In his first visit back since teaching there in 2007, Brent Funderburk taught a course “Sketchbook/Journal for Artists, Architects and Designers” at the University of Arkansas Rome Center in Italy for five weeks during the summer of 2016. He and fellow MSU faculty member Professor Jamie Mixon taught and exhibited artwork with their students in one of the oldest palaces in Rome, the Palazzo Taverna, a 14th century presentation space of the Rome Center, located in the ancient walled city area of Rome. The exhibit was also presented in the Giles Gallery of the College of Architecture, Art, and Design in February, 2017, with public receptions for the artists in Italy and the USA.

In October, Funderburk presented a lecture, “Edward Reep: American Master” to accompany the retrospective exhibition, “Edward Reep: Eight Decades of Painting”, September 1, 2016- January 8, 2017, at the Bakersfield Museum of Art (Bakersfield, CA) and wrote the essay for the catalogue produced by the Museum. He also traveled to San Jose, CA, where he presented “A Divine Rhythm: New Harmonies in Color and Composition”, an illustrated lecture presentation and a four-day visualization/watercolor workshop from October 16 to 19, 2016 for the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society of the Bay Area.

Two of Funderburk’s watermedia paintings from the New Solar Myths” series, Hypnopompic” and “Nightwatch”, were featured at the premiere opening of the University of Tennessee- West Cancer Center, Memphis TN on May 21, 2016. Works were juried and purchased for the collection by the UT-WCC in Fall 2015. A catalog of the permanent exhibit “The Art of Healing” was produced and a reception was held to open the new Center and herald its unique interior architecture and art.

In 2016, Funderburk also produced a watercolor cover painting and limited edition print for the Nashville-based “The Explorers Club: Together” album release, part of an identity/advertising campaign designed by James Abercrombie, Atlanta, GA, and Goldstar Recordings/Redeye (USA)/Cargo (UK). The summer 2016 premiere of the album featured its international release in vinyl, cd, cassette, digital formats.

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